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Mums and Bubs

18 months – 3 years

Weekly morning classes.

A unique experience for mum to work with their bub under the instruction and guidance of a caring, qualified teacher. Mums have the opportunity to help their little ones interact with others, develop and improve

co-ordination and motor skills. Young students will gain a love and appreciation of dance, movement, and music.

Excellent results are achieved as bubs respond in a positive way in a friendly, safe environment.

“Mums giving their baby a head start”

Tiny Tots 3 - 4 years

These popular classes are a combination class of Ballet and Jazz / Hip Hop, specifically designed to cater for this age group. The combo class gives students the opportunity to experience two styles of dance in the one class.

Tiny Tots love their dance class, love to dance to Ballet music, and groove to the current songs of today.

Combo Class 5 - 6 years

Afternoon classes held weekly.

The 5 – 6 year old Combination class is a good basic class teaching two styles of dance: Ballet and Jazz / Hip Hop. The class is specifically designed to making learning fun and exciting. Students will obtain a love of dance and music while gaining confidence, develop skills, exercise and have lots of fun. A very popular class.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is street-style dance. It is a free style dance which stems from both street and break dancing. It is a very popular style with students today. Join a class today and try your talent with the latest moves.


Lyrical/ Contemporary

A Junior class for 7 years of age and older.

Lyrical and Contemporary are expressive and creative styles of dance. The free style allows students to express emotions, thoughts and feelings through dance, movement, and song lyrics.

This class is for the creative dancer.


Jazz classes are available from 6 years of age to Advanced level and are proven popular with all students.

The use of current music encourages high energy classes filled with the latest dance steps, lots of movement, fun routines with a focus on developing strong dance technique.


Available for 6 years of age to Advanced Levels.

All styles of tap dancing are taught from the classics to the current styles of today, both slow and fast tap. Tap classes are fun with lots of movement, exciting routines and are a great way to exercise.

Classical Ballet

Available for 7 years of age to Advanced Levels.

A Classical syllabus is taught through an Internationally recognised Association of Dance. The syllabus allows our students to learn correct techniques and progress through the set grades to Advanced levels and Pointe work. Classical Ballet techniques are an excellent foundation for all forms of dance.

This is the class for the student who loves TuTu’s, Tiaras and Pointe Shoes.

Modern Contemporary

Modern is a class comprising of Modern, Contemporary, and Lyrical styles of dance. It is a class designed for the Advanced Senior student. Modern Contemporary is a free flowing, creative style of dance that allows the student to express feelings through dance movement and music.

American Jazz

The American Jazz dance class is designed for the senior student with years of dance experience. The routines change weekly, making it a challenging class for all. It is the ultimate class for learning the latest American Jazz steps and movements, a great work out for body and mind.

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